“Rights” – is the new “R” word

“I am what I am; I know what I want; I have lots to offer”

Our Choice Matters Bill of Rights

  • To be a citizen
  • Not to be discriminated against, harassed, abused or neglected
  • To have services that agree with a person’s ethnicity, religion, culture and gender
  • To make decisions about what food to eat, what clothes to wear, how to look on the outside
  • To choose what community activities to participate in
  • To have privacy. Privacy means that a person can a private telephone call, be alone at some times, choose their own friends, have visitors come over
  • To make decisions about how to spend your own money
  • To look at any information the agency or group homes keeps about you
  • To make complaint about your services. The agency is not allowed to treat you badly because you complained. You can get clear language information about how to make a complaint
  • To get legal help if you want to, visit ARCH Disability Law Centre – www.archdisabilitylaw.ca