In 2018, the Community Access Program was fortunate enough to partner up with Full Circle Ranch. The goal of this partnership was to provide an opportunity for people we support to build on their life skills and increase their confidence in themselves by working directly with the animals on the Ranch.

Collage of photos from event

Twice a week our group heads out to the Ranch and participates in various ranch activities. This has been an incredible experience on every level. With Morrigan, the ranch owner and her amazing staff – we have seen members of our groups go from timid and unsure, to confident and enthusiastic. Whether they are helping with Ranch chores, grooming and walking the horses and ponies, feeding the goats and alpaca or decorating Waldo the Wallaby’s home with custom made art work; we have seen amazing bonds form between each person and the animals on the Ranch. Having the opportunity to learn about the different animals, help with the responsibilities on the Ranch, and take the lead in working with certain animals has helped each person’s confidence level skyrocket. Every week has been a new adventure and recently we have seen many of our participants up on horses, proudly riding around the arena.

The positive results of our partnership with Full Circle Ranch keep growing every week and we look forward to continued fun and success with our friends at the Ranch.

Jeanette and Nugget have become fast friends. Nugget loves when Jeanette takes him for a trail walk. Bonding with the animals has been such a calming & positive experience for Jeanette.